Lap Pool

Lap pools are the ultimate symbol of luxury, a true backyard statement piece. But imagine you not only owned a lap pool, but that it was essentially infinite – one in which you never had to tumble turn again. If you invest in a Fastlane Pools swim spa, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

In the Fastlane Pools swim spa we have managed to condense the traditional lap pool into a machine that saves space, saves money and delivers a superior swimming experience.

Lap pools vs. swim spas

Our revolutionary swim-in-place technology has made Fastlane Pools swim spas the go-to fitness machines for a number of swimmers and other professional athletes.

With speeds that range from a doggy paddle to an almost Olympic 1:14/100m, and with a theoretically infinite stroke count, Fastlane Pools swim spas are built for everybody and every type of body. The option of a perfectly gentle current allows people with chronic pain or limited mobility an opportunity to get moving, offering relief and rehabilitation.

The best bit? An investment in a Fastlane Pools swim spa will usually be lower than the cost to install a traditional lap pool. Ongoing costs of a Fastlane Pools swim spa tend to be lower too, all while the machine delivers far more.

What is a lap pool?

A Fastlane Pools swim spa represents the evolution of the lap pool. Traditional lap pools are long (~15m), narrow (2-3m) and built for fitness, not fun or relaxation. A Fastlane Pools swim spa, meanwhile, measures a little over 2m wide, but just 3.7m – 6.1m long (depending on the model).

How can a lap pool be so compact? By offering a swim-in-place experience. A powerful propulsion system is fitted to one end, which creates a perfectly smooth and adjustable current that is wider than your body, deeper than your stroke, and that you can swim against all day.

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What is the length of a lap pool?

The perfect length for a lap pool? Infinite. Tumble turns interrupt your rhythm, and your swim can go from a fun bit of fitness to an annoyance or a chore, which can ultimately limit how much you use your traditional lap pool.

By producing a precise, laminar current, a Fastlane Pools swim spa creates a never ending swimming experience. Close your eyes, and you’ll feel like you’re in open water. Set your speed, and unlike a traditional lap pool, you’ll never reach the end!

Can't afford a lap pool? Think again.

With space at a premium in Melbourne, how many homeowners could realistically install a lap pool? When we remove the residents of Toorak, the answer is not many, which is why lap pools have become the ultimate symbol of opulence. But in the modern evolution of the lap pool, a Fastlane Pools swim spa, you have a machine designed to bring backyard swimming to the masses.

A Fastlane Pools swim spa is more than a lap pool - it's a complete aqua fitness machine that uses clever current generation technology to become functionally infinite: you'll never need to tumble turn again. You'll also be granted access to healing hydromassage and a wealth of other aquacise, including underwater jogging, cycling and rowing. And where a traditional lap pool will take up 30-50 square metres of space, you get all this in a self-contained, fully portable and cost-effective machine with a footprint of just 8-14m²!