Welcome to Hot Spring Melbourne, your local specialists in the world of spa pool ownership. We believe in delivering an experience that's beyond relaxation—we want to help you create a haven where you can unwind today, tomorrow, and for years to come. As a trusted spa pool provider, we're committed to turning your dreams of wellness and relaxation into reality.

The Absolute Best Spa Pool Ownership Experience™

At Hot Spring Melbourne, we understand that spa pool ownership is more than just a purchase; it's an investment in your well-being and in your lifestyle. To make your experience as good as possible, we try to show our commitment to excellence across aspect of our service:

Unparalleled Massage: Our spa pools provide a hydro massage experience like no other. Relax with therapeutic water jets customisable to your desired pressure.

Worry-Free Water Care: We pioneered the FreshWater Salt System to help reduce harmful chemicals in your spa water. And with automatic prompts to maintain water balance, it’s easier than ever to look after your spa.

Energy-Saving Features: Our spas have the lowest running costs on the market from just $1* a day, backed by independent testing, all thanks to our innovative Energy Smart System.

*may be affected by your local rates.

Unmatched Customer Care: Hot Spring Melbourne is part of a dedicated and committed network of independent Hot Spring Spas and Fastlane Pools dealers nationwide. Our decades of experience mean unparalleled customer service and technical support over the lifetime of your spa.

And should you ever need replacement components, you're never caught short. We have access to spare parts for every spa manufactured in the last 20 years.

White-Glove Delivery: Our experienced team provides a white-glove delivery service, ensuring your spa's safe arrival and installation.

A Brand You Can Trust

Hot Spring Spas is a brand synonymous with trust. As a part of Watkins Wellness, the world's largest spa pool manufacturer, we offer unconditional warranties. With over 40 years of unmatched quality, innovation, and excellence, we've earned our reputation as a brand you can rely on.

Manufacturing Excellence

Hot Spring Melbourne invites you to explore a world where relaxation meets innovation. Talk to us today about the Hot Spring difference—we promise enduring luxury and wellness. Your journey to ultimate relaxation begins here.