Those hunting for the ultimate aquatic fitness machine need look no further than the Fastlane Pools E-Series. With a swim-in-place experience that has to be felt to be believed, this incredible collection of swim spas also offers unrivalled cross-training and hydromassage, as well as opportunities to socialise.

The ultimate swim-in-place experience

A culmination of years of innovation, The Fastlane Pools E-Series collection features a hydraulically-powered propulsion system that can move up to 19,000L of water down the centre of the swim spa every single minute. You can choose your speed, from a perfectly gentle 4:04/100m up to the rapid 1:14/100m used mostly by professional swimmers.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the current is how perfectly smooth and turbulence-free it is, thanks to the presence of expertly crafted conditioning grills. The current is also wider than your body and deeper than your stroke, ensuring you are fully encapsulated within it. The result of all this tech? Unlike a traditional swimming pool or lap pool, you’ll never have to turn around!

A complete fitness solution

Swimming isn’t the only exercise offered by a Fastlane Pools swim spa. By adding the optional treadmill you can go for an underwater walk, jog or run against the current, without the harsh impacts you’ll feel on dry land.

The Aquabike and rowing kit also offer unique aquacise options, or you can use the current for challenging resistance workouts for your legs, core or upper body muscle groups.

Warm up, cool down, or just relax

The Fastlane Pools E-Series doesn’t just offer fitness; you can enjoy recovery, relief and relaxation too. The E500, E700 and E2000 machines all come with dedicated hot tub sections fitted with hydromassage seating, where you can bookend your workouts or simply spend a lazy Sunday. Even the fitness-focused E550 features hydromassage jets in each of its corners, ready to sweep stresses and strains away.

A backyard showpiece

E-Series swim spas aren’t built to be hidden in the corner. These are stunning machines designed to be the hub of your backyard – showpieces that you can dress to your liking with a number of cabinet and shell options and that you can place anywhere with the necessary space to host the compact footprint.

The cabinet of the E-Series is at once classic, inspired by the organic look of a traditional hot tub and distinctly modern, with a minimalist feel and stunning lighting systems that elevate the aesthetics as the sun goes down.