Fastlane Pro

Have a pool already, but wish you could make it an endless lap pool? Transform your swimming pool into a swimming experience like no other with the revolutionary Fastlane Pro swim jet system. You’ll use your pool more than ever before by adding to your existing swimming area with new ways to enjoy fitness, relaxation and family fun.

Never tumble turn in your pool again

As a Melbourne pool owner you'll know the pleasure of having your own place to swim, but you may also know the annoyance of having to turn around every few strokes. There's a reason Olympic pools are 50 metres long - small backyard pools simply aren't ideal to swim in... unless you add a Fastlane Pro. Installing a Fastlane Pro in your backyard pool makes it infinitely long. The secret is in the Fastlane Pro's current generation technology. Powerful jets produce a customisable current for you to swim against, so you can swim for as long as you want without ever hitting the end!

How Does It Work?

The Fastlane Pro works by creating a remarkable stream of water with its jet system, generating a robust current that adds a whole host of new possibilities to your existing pool. This innovative system eliminates the need for expensive expansions, allowing you to experience continuous swimming within your current pool setup, even if it’s not long enough to do laps in currently.

The jet system creates a unique, laminar flow that combines resistance and buoyancy, facilitating an authentic swimming experience just like swimming in open water. Because the Fastlane Pro lifts you up while also offering resistance, it helps you find the perfect rhythm to keep swimming endlessly as long as you’d like.

Jets vs. Propellers

Fastlane Pools range of dedicated swim spas feature airless jets for turbulence-free currents, and the Fastlane Pro replicates this with its own distinct approach.

Powered by a custom-designed propeller, the Fastlane Pro utilises a precise channelling system to create exceptional resistance and a seamless flow—an experience comparable to our classic swim spas.

Fits Most Pools Perfectly

The Fastlane Pro's adaptability, featuring a remote hydraulic power unit connected to the in-pool swim unit, guarantees all electrical components are safely distanced from the water no matter what layout you’re working with.

This intelligent design provides you with total control over the current's intensity, catering to various pool types—be it in-ground, above-ground, fibreglass, or concrete.

We recommend a minimum width of 2m and a length of 3m for optimum results. The Fastlane Pro also comfortably integrates into pools with a minimum depth of 99cm.

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A World of Possibilities Awaits

Fitness Redefined: Ideal for aerobics, hydrotherapy, even jogging against the current—an optimal choice for exercise during injury rehabilitation or for managing chronic joint and muscle discomfort.

Invest in your Pool: The Fastlane Pro enriches your pool experience, encouraging more frequent use and maximising the value of your investment. This innovation will also be a great way to spend more time with your family, transforming your pool into a perfect place for quality time.

Effortless Installation: Our experts can install the Fastlane Pro into your pool in a matter of hours, meaning you get to enjoy its benefits without any down time.