The Freeflow Spas® Collection


Say farewell to stress and embrace genuine tranquillity with the Cascina. This spa pool will transform your outdoor space into a serene haven, where luxury, comfort, and style come together to offer you the escape you deserve. It's also a four-person hot tub designed for modern, compact Melbourne backyards. With a footprint of just over 2.5 square metres, it can fit where other spa pools simply can't - in courtyards, on decks and on balconies, creating an Oasis wherever you might find yourself in Australia's largest city.

Step into a realm of relaxation that we’ve meticulously crafted to provide the best possible experience. Talk to us today about the affordable elegance of the Cascina—a true masterpiece of relaxation—or scroll to read more.


4 Adults


168 x 158 x 81 cm


775 litres



Make it your own

Cabinet Cabinet / Shell Combo

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Unrivalled in Comfort and Style

Indulge in the embrace of the Cascina spa pool, a sanctuary designed for one thing: To redefine relaxation at home. With generous seating for up to four adults, this spa pool offers ample interior space to allow you to fully unwind and stretch out, while still maintaining a reasonable exterior footprint. 

Unlike other similarly-sized hot tubs, the Cascina has a deeper interior so you can completely immerse yourself and get the total spa experience.

Melt Away Your Stress

Embrace therapeutic escape with the Cascina, designed specifically to help you release tension, and find ultimate relaxation. Featuring 17 jets strategically arranged to target key muscle groups in your back, you'll experience soothing release across your shoulders and neck, and before you know it, the Casicna will take you away to a state of pure bliss. 

The Cascina's relaxing atmosphere is further enhanced by the waterfall feature and underwater LEDs. 

And with Hot Spring's Plug-N-Play technology, you can unwind from the very first moment you get your Cascina home. Simply plug into a standard outlet, fill it up with a hose, and heat. No complex installations or additional electrical work required—focus on what matters most, your peace of mind.

Affordable, Efficient, and Luxurious

At Hot Spring, we always aim to redefine luxury by combining it with affordability. Part of this promise is our focus on efficiency. The Cascina's exceptional insulation and precision-engineered covers ensure maximum heat retention, keeping running costs low and preventing excess power consumption. 

On top of that, our collection of energy-smart innovations, including the SilentFlo 5000 circulation system, help make the Cascina one of the most energy-efficient spa pools available.

Embrace the Cascina

Invest in your well-being with the Cascina, and transform your outdoor space into a relaxing oasis today. Whether you seek solitude for yourself so you can unwind after a long day or you’re looking to share special moments with loved ones, the Cascina offers an unparalleled escape. Reach out to us today to find out more. Your path to serenity starts here.

Product Specs

Seating Capacity

4 adults


168 x 158 x 81 cm

Water Capacity

775 litres


125 kg Dry Weight

775 Litres Water Capacity 

Lighting System

Multi-colour underwater light

Jet Count


Control System

Intuitive digital control panel with eco modes


Plug-N-Play 240V, 10amp (2kw heater)


Full foam insulation for maximum energy efficiency

Ozone System


Vinal Cover Options

ASTM approved safety cover with locking clips and hinge seal

* Includes water and 4 adults weighing 79 kg. each
**Depending on local electrical circumstances