The Freeflow Spas® Collection

When is a budget hot tub not a budget hot tub? When it’s a part of the Hot Spring Freeflow Spas® collection. Freeflow Spas® are our most cost-effective range of hot tubs, but the experience is still distinctly Hot Spring – toasty, fun, and seriously low effort. Along with incredible value for money, the Freeflow Spas® range features an incredibly hassle-free set up, and exceptionally durable and portable construction.

Plug in, fill up, play

Everything you need to know about Hot Spring Plug-N-Play technology can be found right there in the name. Freeflow Spas® collection hot tubs don’t need specialist wiring to power them or plumbing to fill and drain them – you simply find a spot, put the spa in place, plug it into a standard 240V outlet and fill it with water. Once that H2O reaches the ideal temperature – and thanks to dense insulation and a powerful heater you won’t be waiting long – you’ll be ready to soak!

Robust and built to last

When compared to the rest of the Hot Spring range, the Freeflow Spas® collection is built in an entirely unique way. We employ a rotomoulding technique–a manufacturing process in which a mould is filled with strong plastic then spun, creating a single piece or ‘unibody’ hot tub shell. 

The resulting hot tub is incredibly strong, both in terms of its resistance to dents and scratches, and its ability to deal with the sun and Mother Nature in the long term. Add in your choice of colour combinations, and this is a beautiful hot tub that you’ll be enjoying for years to come.

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Pay less now, pay less later

The cost-effective nature of Freeflow Spas® collection hot tubs extends beyond the price tag. The heater warms your water quickly, then the full foam insulation and a lockable thermal cover ensures that heat is kept in the hot tub for longer. The more heat you retain, the less power you use, so the savings offered by a Freeflow Spas® collection spa extend far beyond the checkout!

Holistic hydro-massage

All Freeflow Spas® collection hot tubs feature generous jet arrays that deliver whole body relaxation, from the nape of your neck to the tips of your toes. Every seat features a unique selection of jets, so your Freeflow Spas® tub will be capable of delivering a suite of hydromassage experiences – play a game of musical chairs to find your favourite!

Luxury meets value in Melbourne

Melburnians enjoy luxury yet appreciate value, which is what makes our Freeflow range a very Melbourne collection of spas. In these machines you'll find the quality and innovation that Hot Spring is famous for, but in a more cost-effective package. This is an entry-level range in name only: using the highest quality materials and featuring a unibody construction, our Freeflow hot tubs are built to last. They're also perfectly simple to deliver and install in your Melbourne backyard: most are compact enough to fit through standard doorways, and Plug-N-Play technology makes setup every bit as simple as it sounds: plug the machine into a standard outlet, fill it up and turn it on!