The Freeflow Spas® Collection


Why travel all the way to the thermal springs at Daylesford or fight the crowds at St Kilda beach when you can place the most relaxing, soothing and social of aquatic experiences right in your own backyard? It might sound like a treat for the Melbourne elite, but this entry-level machine offers value like few others. Immerse yourself in the Azure, a spa pool designed to create a haven where you can create new cherished memories with loved ones and find moments of serene relaxation for yourself. The Azure provides an inviting oasis where luxury meets affordability.

Talk to the team here at Hot Spring Melbourne today, to embrace the essence of relaxation and discover what we mean when we say we offer the best possible spa ownership experience. Your path to rejuvenation begins here.


4 Adults


203 x 160 x 84 cm


900 litres



Make it your own

Cabinet Cabinet / Shell Combo

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Portable and Convenient

The Azure redefines convenience with its portability, making it a perfect investment for renters, or anyone who may move in the future. This spa pool is designed to adapt effortlessly to various settings, no matter where you want to put it. Thanks to our innovative Plug-N-Play technology, setting up your Azure spa is a breeze—just fill it up and connect to a standard outdoor outlet. Practical, easy, fast. Don’t wait to experience luxury, lie back and relax from day one.

The Azure's compact size ensures compatibility with a wide range of outdoor spaces, from backyards, gardens and patios, to smaller apartment balconies.

Serenely Spacious

Step into the Azure's interior and you’ll find a level of spacious comfort you might not expect. Our commitment to delivering the ultimate experience shines through in every detail, including the interior, which features foot-jets and back massage jets strategically positioned along the seats. 

With added features like a relaxing waterfall feature and built-in ice bucket, the Azure perfectly blends affordability with unparalleled comfort.

Smart Power Systems

At Hot Spring, we pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective luxury through Australia's most energy-efficient spa features. Our dedication to minimising running costs can be seen in every aspect of the Azure, from market-leading insulation to custom-engineered covers. Our spa pools can operate for as little as $1 a day*, as proven by independent testing.

*Prices may vary based on local rates

Durable and Robust

The Azure features a robust unibody shell, which guarantees years of durability while maintaining a light weight. This makes it both easy to move and durable enough to travel well. Enjoy the freedom to move or repurpose your Azure with ease, taking it with you wherever you go.

Product Specs

Seating Capacity

4 adults


203 x 160 x 84 cm

Water Capacity

900 litres


160 kg Dry Weight

900 Litres Water Capacity 

Lighting System

Multi-colour underwater light

Jet Count


Water Features


Control System

Intuitive digital control panel with eco modes


Plug-N-Play 240V, 10amp (2kw heater)


No-Fault™, 2000w/240V

Ozone System


Vinal Cover Options

ASTM approved safety cover with locking clips and hinge seal

* Includes water and 4 adults weighing 79 kg. each
**Depending on local electrical circumstances