The Hot Spot® Collection

The Hot Spot® collection is the very definition of value for money. These hot tubs offer all the beauty, quality and luxurious soaking experience that Hot Spring is famous for, but in a perfectly cost-effective package. Gorgeous to look at and packed with innovative technology, everyone wants to be seen in  our Hot Spot® range.

Sleek and modern

Get designer looks minus the designer price tag. The Hot Spot® collection brings a taste of European minimalism to your backyard; the shell features crisp, clean lines that fall into organic contours built to perfectly cup every person who soaks. Then we move to the exterior, where natural, textured cabinetry offers a modern take on the classic look of a spa pool. No matter where your eyes wander, you’re met with beauty that belies the cost.

Massage that melts

Every Hot Spot® hot tub features a generous number of jets for every seat. Each jet is carefully chosen from the Hot Spring jet range, then strategically positioned to maximise relaxation and relief. Powerful, high flow jets – like the Moto-Massage®, the world’s first moving spa jet – focus on the shoulders, back and legs, while smaller, more precise and more targeted jets aim for sensitive areas like the neck and ankles. The result: a lush, immersive experience that will see pain, tightness and stress melt away.

Worry-free water care

The best hot tubs are those that minimise work and maximise play. And with the help of innovative water care technologies, the Hot Spot® collection does exactly that. Forget the cleaning chemicals and litmus strips – thanks to the bromine-based FROG™ system, keeping your water clean, clear, soft and fresh requires nothing more than the occasional change of a cartridge. The Silent Flo™ Circulation System, meanwhile, deals with dirt, debris and other intruders by filtering your water constantly.

Energy-efficient insulation

There’s a secret hidden within the cabinetry of Hot Spot® collection hot tubs. FiberCor™ is an insulation like no other; a wool-like material that is four times denser than the standard foam used by most other spa brands, yet capable of working its way into every crack and crevice of the cabinet to ensure total insulation. This allows Hot Spot® hot tubs to retain more heat, which lightens the load for the heater and reduces your power bill. What else would you expect from Australia’s most energy-efficient hot tub brand?

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A Hot Spot no matter the weather

Melburnians are used to enduring four seasons in one day, but what if you could create a precisely controlled outdoor environment in your own backyard? The Hot Spring Hot Spot collection grants you the opportunity to do exactly that. This value-packed range of hot tubs strikes the perfect balance between form and function - the stunning aesthetics and customisable colours ensure that these machines look at home on any Melbourne property, while the presence of dense Fibercor™ insulation ensures the water stays at your precisely set temperature all day every day, with minimal impact on your power bill, because at Hot Spring we offer Australia's most energy efficient hot tubs.