Discover the E700—a pioneering unit in the Fastlane Pools lineup, the E700 sets out to redefine the ordinary swim spa experience. With an impressive length of 5.18 metres, this unit is meticulously designed to provide the ultimate fusion of aquatic fitness and relaxation.

Elevate your fitness journey with the E700, offering more space, versatile options and the signature swim-in-place functionality of Fastlane Pools, perfect for transforming your exercise routine and taking it to the next level. Capable of being warmed to the toastiest of temperatures during the Melbourne winter, it's the swim spa of choice for locals who want to swim in comfort, convenience and style all year round. The Fastlane Pools E700 is a swim spa without compromise - the ultimate investment in your fitness, your lifestyle and your property.


5 Adults


518 x 226 x 147 cm


7,950 litres litres

Make it your own

Cabinet Cabinet / Shell Combo

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Swim on Your Terms

Experience the power of control with the E700's impressive current, capable of moving up to 19,000 litres per minute. Immerse yourself in the authentic sensation of swimming in open water, without the disruption of turbulence. 

Easily adjust the current's speed with the touch of a button, enjoying an even, invigorating flow. Add to that the E700's substantial width and depth, and you’ve got an immersive ocean-like experience that feels incredibly natural.

Versatile Aquatic Workouts

The E700's adaptable current serves as the perfect way to explore various exercise routines. Elevate your fitness potential by incorporating an optional underwater treadmill and combining it with the gentle resistance of the current, opening up new possibilities for low-impact exercises. 

This is a perfect way to exercise with joint pain management or injury rehabilitation in mind. By delivering flexible workout options, the E700 offers a holistic approach to your long-term health and well-being.

Embrace Total Relaxation

Indulge in post-exercise tranquillity after your workout with the E700's hydro-massage seats, each one equipped with its own unique combination of jets. Strategically positioned to target key muscle groups from your feet to your shoulders and neck, these jets provide a soothing experience that aids relaxation and recovery. With additional bench seats flanking the main interior pool, the E700 can easily transform into a space for entertaining loved ones.

Form Meets Function

The E700 is a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. Featuring a sleek, contemporary steel-framed cabinet, this unit exemplifies our commitment to durability, elegance and minimal maintenance. 

You can even tailor your E700 to your preferences with optional features, including a deeper interior.

Discover the E700 Difference

Elevate your aquatic lifestyle with the E700—an extraordinary creation by Hot Spring. Are you ready to transcend ordinary swim spas and embark on a journey of unparalleled fitness and relaxation? Reach out to us now to explore the boundless potential of the E700 and discover how it can redefine your concept of wellness.

Product Specs

147 cm Swim & Treadmill


518 x 226 x 147 cm

Water Capacity

7,950 litres


1,580 kg (Dry)
10,330 kg (Filled*)

*Includes water and 10 adults weighing 80 kg each

Shell Colour Options

Alpine White or Ice Grey

Cabinet Colour Options

Dark Mocha or Grey Oak

Swim Technology

Fastlane Pools® Swim Machine

Swim Power

5 HP Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydromassage Seats


Hydromassage Jets

27 1 Large Jet, 2 Rotary Jets, 2 Directional Jets, 22 Mini Jets

Hydromassage Jet Pump

2.5 HP Continuous Duty; 5.2 HP Breakdown Torque - 1 Speed Pump

Control System

LCD Control Panel; 220 - 240v/1 x 24amp & 1 x 32amp, 50Hz

Water Feature

2 Illuminated Waterfalls

Circulation Pump

High-Flow Circulation Pump

Effective Filtration Area


Lighting System

Multi-Colour 20 LED Points of Light, 12.7cm Main Light & Exterior LED Illumination Bar


2 mm Galvanised Steel Frame

Base Pan

Thermoformed ABS Base Pan


3000 watt / 230v

Energy Efficiency

Certified to the APSP 14 National Standard and the California Energy Commission (CEC) in accordance with California Law

Stainless Steel Grab Rails

3 Satin Stainless Steel Rails

Music Option

8 Speakers + Subwoofer, Bluetooth® Enabled

Exercise Equipment Options

Swim Tether and Rowing Kit

Vinyl Cover & Lifter Options

Watkins Bi-Fold Covers & Lifters or VacuSeal® Cover System

Additional Options

Fastlane Pools® Pace Display, Floor Mirror, Gecko® In.Touch Wi-Fi & Mobile App