Swim Spas

An infinite swim-in-place experience in a pool that measures just a few metres long. Fastlane Pools swim spas are a revolution in aquatic fitness, capable of delivering exercise, hydrotherapy, relaxation and fun.

Our experience

Hot Spring spa pools have been an Australasian favourite ever since manufacturing and importing these into Australia in the early 1980’s from Auckland, New Zealand. Some of these spas are known to still be operating today! The benefits of being partnered with Watkins Wellness, the world’s largest spa brand, we offer a complete range of Fastlane Pools swim spas. In fact, we’re Watkins Wellness’s biggest reseller of swim spa pools.

Our range of swim spas

At Hot Spring we have three collections of Fastlane Pools swim spas for sale: the entry-level R-Series, the all-rounder X-Series and the ultimate in swim spa experiences, the E-Series. No matter what the best swim spa is for your situation, there’s a model to suit every buyer and budget.

What should I look for when buying a swim spa

Your ideal Fastlane swimming pool will depend on a few different factors. When shopping for a swim spa in Melbourne it’s wise to seek out knowledge, guidance and advice from an established dealer. A few factors that may steer your decision include:

  • SizeAll Fastlane Pools are compact – particularly given the infinite swim – with swim spa sizes ranging from 3.66m x 2.26m to 6.1m x 2.26m.
  • LocationConsider where you’d like to install the resistance pool, including space, accessibility, how level and sturdy the surface is, and how you’ll fill, drain and power your swim spa.
  • ObjectiveUnderstand the ‘why’ behind your purchase: are you shopping for a swim spa for fitness, health and wellness, entertaining, quality family time, or a combination?
  • QualityYour swim spa is an investment. As such, it should be energy efficient, built to last (with warranties to prove it) and feature innovative technologies.

Why buy Fastlane Pools swim spa?

Why buy a Fastlane Pools swim spa? It’s simple – no other machine compares.

  • Gain access to the finest swim-in-place experience on the market, in a current that is smooth, deep, wide and fully adjustable.
  • Fastlane pools are packed with features and are built to last, while our nationwide network of dedicated dealers are always there to help.
  • With a history stretching back over four decades, enjoy the confidence that comes with buying from Australasia’s oldest and most trusted hot tub brand.

Swim spa health benefits

With so many experiences packed into a single, compact machine, a Fastlane Pools swim spa offers a wealth of health and wellness benefits. 

  • FitnessFeaturing a powerful propulsion system that generates a deep, wide and strong current, you can swim, run, cycle or row all day!
  • HydrotherapyIncreased mobility, injury recovery, the management of chronic pain; a swim spa brings hydrotherapy to the home.
  • MassageEvery Fastlane Pools swim spa is fitted with high-end hydromassage jets and most with dedicated spa pool seating.
  • Mental wellbeingRomantic relaxation, quality family time, Friday night fun with friends; stress melts away in a Fastlane Pools swim spa.