The Limelight® Collection

Step into the Limelight® – a vibrant, contemporary and luxurious collection of hot tubs 40+ years in the making. Limelight® hot tubs feature endless innovation wrapped in head-turning beauty. From an energising soak at the break of day to long nights spent under the milky way, they form a backyard hub for relaxation, romance and fun.

Clean, minimalist, stunning

As the name suggests, these hot tubs are designed to steal the Limelight®. Inspired by European minimalism, the Limelight® collection features clean yet organic contours, cabinetry that expertly tightropes the tricky line between classic and contemporary and water features and lighting systems that add alluring aesthetics to your home.

The best bit? You can make your hot tub your own. 15 different cabinet and shell combinations means that there’s a Limelight® look to suit every situation. To fit in or stand out? The choice is yours.

A revolution in insulation

There’s nothing quite like FiberCor™, the insulation hidden within the cabinet of all Limelight® collection hot tubs. This wool-like fibre is uniquely capable of getting into all the cracks and crevices of the interior, ensuring total insulation.

Four times denser than other insulation, mildew and mould resistant, no volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, made from 25% recycled materials while being recyclable itself: the perks are endless, even before you get to the impact that FiberCor™ has on lowering your power bill.

Your tub, your way

How would you like your Limelight®? The choice is yours. Choose from three cabinet and five shell finishes, then add any number of accessories to create a hot tub that offers all the functionality that you and your family need.

Entertainment systems, side enhancements (handrails, steps, umbrellas), cover lifters, lights and water features – whatever the perfect spa pool looks like to you, you can create it with any number of Limelight® accessories.

Hands-free water care

The ultimate soak demands the ultimate water – the cleanest, clearest, softest and freshest H2O possible. With its array of cutting edge water care technologies, the Limelight® collection helps you to keep water quality high and maintenance hours low.

The SilentFlo 5000® circulation system and no-bypass filtration ensures dirt, debris and other intruders are constantly filtered out of your hot tub. And by adding the FreshWater Salt System™, you can naturally generate chlorine from salt to keep your water sparkling for up to a year at a time.

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Enjoy the warm glow of the Limelight

While Melbourne might be the centre of culture in Australia, you don't need to be a performer to step into this Limelight. A collection of high-end hot tubs designed to be shared, Hot Spring's Limelight collection is packed with innovative technology that offers a heightened soaking experience.

From immersing yourself in warmth on a chilly Melbourne evening, to having fun in the sun of a Melbourne summer, Limelight hot tubs offer the ideal place to relax and socialise all year round, and are a stunning addition to any backyard.