Family Hot Tubs

At Hot Spring® we offer the type of quality, feature-packed hot tub that your family deserves. From fun lights and water features for the kids, to hydromassage that will melt parental aches and pains away, a Hot Spring will be the hub of your backyard, where every member of your family can have fun and unwind.

Why Buy a Hot Spring Hot Tub

Melburnians appreciate quality. And in a Hot Spring hot tub, you get exactly that. We enjoy the backing of the world’s largest spa manufacturer, Watkins Wellness, who have delivered hot tubs to over two million happy customers – enough to place a spa in every single Melbourne dwelling. Our team of local professionals also brings unmatched knowledge and experience, and will help you to make the most of your investment. Your task is simple – choose the right machine. To do that, you should consider:

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How many people will your Hot Spring host? Social butterflies will need more seats than people who are looking for a more intimate escape.

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Consider where you might want to place your hot tub, then check how much space you have, ease of access, and the ability to power and drain your machine.

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Your perfect hot tub will reflect what you hope to get from it, whether health and wellness, relaxation or quality time.

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By investing in a quality hot tub for your Melbourne backyard, you’ll enjoy real returns in soaking experience, lower power bills, longevity and even property value.

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The perfect place for family time

A Hot Spring hot tub is one of the few places in your home that is 100% device-free. This makes it a space where you can connect with your family, rather than the internet. 

Free of distractions, a hot tub can bring your tribe together. In the process it can promote a greater sense of family stability and better self-esteem in your kids, along with a surprisingly long list of health and wellness benefits.

Family hot tub range

With dozens of models stretching from compact two-seaters to sprawling seven-seaters, there’s a hot tub for every family in the Hot Spring range. Each blends form and functionality, with unrivalled soaking experiences wrapped up in truly stunning designs.

Hydromassage is the headline act, with jets like the Moto-Massage DX built to melt your stresses and strains away. But there’s plenty for the kids too: interior and exterior lighting systems, waterfalls and water features, entertainment systems and more.

Family hot tub dimensions

Family hot tubs, like families, come in different shapes and sizes. The right size for you will depend on the number of members in your household, and whether you plan to soak with friends and extended family too.

In terms of dimensions, our smallest family hot tubs have footprints of around 150cm x 150cm, while our largest hot tubs have lengths and widths of 250cm or more. In good news for parents of young children, all Hot Spring hot tubs are less than a metre deep, making them safe for young families.

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Can kids go in hot tubs?

At Hot Spring safety is our foremost concern whenever we design a new hot tub. Our machines are perfectly safe for anyone tall enough to stand on the bottom while their head is completely out of the water. Depths range from 71cm to 97cm, which means that most Hot Spring models are safe for children as young as five years old.

Supervision is advised for anyone younger and/or shorter, and we also recommend that young children don’t spend longer than five minutes in a heated tub set higher than body temperature (36C).

Where Melbourne families truly connect

With devices rarely out of the reach of both children and parents alike, true quality time is becoming an ever-diminishing resource amongst Melbourne families. But there is one place where you can still find the deep connections that are so important for a happy and cohesive family unit: a Hot Spring hot tub.

A 100% device-free zone that is packed with features designed to relax, there's simply no better family addition to your Melbourne backyard. Many Melbourne Hot Spring owners make it a daily ritual - once everyone is home from work and school, they jump in the hot tub and chat about their day, while expertly crafted hydromassage jets sweep stress and tension away. Our collection of family hot tubs ranges from entry-level to high-end, ensuring there's an option for every Melbourne family's needs, backyard and budget.

Are hot tubs good for your health?

Why drive all the way to Daylesford when you can place a healing Hot Spring right in your own backyard? A hot tub in your Melbourne backyard grants you access to proven health and wellness benefits.

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Immersing yourself in the warm waters of your hot tub sends more blood, and therefore more oxygen and nutrients, around your body to where they’re needed.

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Between the warmth of the water and the action of the hydromassage jets, your hot tub loosens tight muscles and reduces inflammation.

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With buoyancy taking weight off joints and promoting movement, Melburnians with chronic pain or limited mobility can enjoy serious relief in a hot tub.

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The jets, the lights, the sounds, the water features; in a Hot Spring you can sit back, relax and forget your troubles.

The Hot Spring® Difference

With the potential for four seasons on any given day, the right conditions for water-based fun can prove elusive in Melbourne... unless you enjoy total control over your environment. In a Hot Spring hot tub that’s exactly what you get. You’ll enjoy precise temperature control that creates an oasis on those cool Melbourne evenings, luxurious hydromassage to wick away the stresses of living in Australia’s biggest city, and a device-free place for you to connect with your loved ones.

Here’s why Hot Spring® hot tubs are built different.

"My Hot Springs Relay Spa is hands down the best thing I have ever purchased. Not only is it great for our whole family, it is my little slice of luxury where I can enjoy peace and quiet at the end of a long day." — Angela Besant

"We bought our Hot Spring Spa just over 2 years ago. We have thoroughly enjoyed it and found it great for the whole family. What has impressed me most though has been the amazing after service and the quickness to reply and fix any issues." — Richard Hoffman