The Highlife® Collection

Welcome to the Highlife®. The culmination of over four decades of hot tub innovation, no spa offers a more carefree ownership experience or a more luxurious soak. Ultra energy efficient, built to last and packed with cutting edge features, this collection of hot tubs is equally comfortable playing the role of solo escape, family hub or party host.

A backyard showpiece

These hot tubs aren’t designed to be hidden in a corner. From the nature-inspired cabinetry, featuring textures of timber, stone and metal, to the clean, minimalist and organic lines of the precisely moulded shell, this is as much a work of form as function.

Between five cabinet finishes and three shell colours, there are 15 different combinations of looks to choose from – something to suit every taste and backyard. This is a work of art that you can experience from the inside, with built-in water features and lighting systems only adding to the beauty.

Your 24/7 masseuse

What is it like to have a team of massage therapists on hand 24/7, just steps from your back door? There’s no need to wonder – you can experience this level of convenience, accessibility and luxury by choosing a hot tub from the Highlife® collection.

Patented, revolutionary jets fill the shells with every Highlife® model. Each seat is lined with a precisely positioned array, designed to massage and soothe specific areas of the body. From the delicate touch of our Rotary Precision® Jets, to the sweeping, back relieving power of the Moto-Massage DX – the world’s first moving hot tub jet – every spot within a Highlife® machine offers a personalised soaking experience unique to you.

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Less work, more play

Hot tub ownership should never be a chore. Packed with innovative, automated systems, the Highlife® collection ensures you minimise the work and maximise the play.

It begins with state-of-the-art spa water care systems in the world. The Freshwater Salt System™ keeps your water cleaner, clearer and fresher for longer, while also using far fewer chemicals. Continuous no-bypass water filtration ensures 100% of your water is filtered 100% of the time. You can even turn your hot tub into a cool tub with the CoolZone™ system, which can bring the temperature down to a refreshing 15C.

Unmatched energy efficiency

The Highlife® spa collection doesn’t just use less water and chemicals – these are also Australia’s most energy efficient hot tubs, with running costs as low as $1* per day. This is a truly guilt-free soak: you can enjoy daily hot water immersion without worrying about your power bill nor your effect on the environment.

The secret is hidden within the cabinetry, which is lined with high density, full foam insulation. 

Then there’s the hot air induction jets, an exclusive Hot Spring Spas innovation that recycles heat generated by the equipment compartment back into the spa. All in all, Highlife hot tubs conserve more heat, delivering a warmer soak while saving serious money on power – up to thousands of dollars every year!

Luxury in your Melbourne backyard

Looking for a luxurious addition to your Melbourne backyard, and want nothing less than the best? Welcome to the Highlife® - a range of the most exclusive hot tubs built by the world's leading spa brand. The Highlife® collection offers the ultimate soaking experience, as well as a place where you can spend truly quality time with your loved ones.

There's no need to drive to Daylesford to get your Hot Spring fix, as a Highlife machine is designed to improve upon Mother Nature's best work. It features the world's first and only moving massage jet, the Moto-Massage DX, as well as market-leading water care, build quality and entertainment.